How to combat razor bumps and shaving irritation

If there’s one skincare question that plagues Australian men more than any other, it’s ‘how do I get rid of razor bumps?’. In this blog, we’ll go over exactly what causes razor bumps and how you can avoid shaving irritation to improve your skin’s health and appearance. 

What are razor bumps?

Razor bumps are small, irritated red dots that appear on the neck and face where the beard grows. They may be sore and itchy, or simply unsightly. 

Typically, razor bumps appear when facial hairs become ingrown, causing the skin to appear raised and red. The hair follicle may also become infected, leading to pimples and congestion. Razor bumps are also related to general post-shave irritation and redness. 

What causes razor bumps? 

Razor bumps may be caused or worsened by a number of factors, including:

Dull razors – dull razors can create jagged cuts on the hair, making it more likely to catch on the skin and become ingrown. They are also more likely to abrade or irritate the skin, leading to redness.

Poor shaving technique – stretching the skin whilst shaving or shaving against the grain can cause the hair to be cut below the level of the skin, making it more likely to become stuck when growing out. Always shave in the direction your hair grows.

Hair type – those with naturally coarse or curly hair are more at risk as the hair is more likely to curl back on itself when growing out. Those with thick beards are also at risk as there are more hairs that may possibly become ingrown.

Skin type - sensitive skin types (i.e., those who have skin that is reactive and easily irritated) are more at risk of developing razor bumps and may also experience general redness and irritation post-shave. Sensitive skin types should take extra care when choosing shaving products and skincare. Oily skin types are also at particular risk of developing clogged hair follicles due to excess oils.

Skin congestion and clogged pores – dead skin cells and natural oils can clog hair follicles, putting you at greater risk of developing ingrown hairs. If you naturally have congested or oily skin, prioritise exfoliating and clarifying products.

Improper post-shave care – applying harsh, alcohol-based aftershaves or no products at all can contribute to skin irritation, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Prioritise applying soothing, moisturising, and non-irritating products after you shave. This will help to keep the skin healthy and soften beard regrowth. 

What skincare is best for razor bumps?

Selecting the best skincare for razor bumps will require you to take your skin type into account. At Liberty Belle Rx, our Bromance range has been formulated to cater for diverse skin types and needs. We recommend the following for those looking to address razor bumps:

Bromance Day Cream – this nourishing daily moisturiser is best applied post-shave to help minimise prickly stubble, soften beard regrowth and improve the skin’s overall health and appearance. Anti-Redness Complex and Zinc PCA calm and soothe the skin, helping to address redness, irritation, and razor bumps. It contains a rich blend of antioxidants, including oil-soluble Vitamin C, to protect against environmental pollutants and free radical damage, while Bakuchiol Oil helps to improve the appearance of ageing skin. For hydration and skin barrier support, Bromance Day Cream also contains Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, and a double blend of Vitamin B. It is the perfect all-rounder to keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

Best for: All skin types, but particularly normal to dry skin.

How to apply: After showering or cleansing and shaving, dispense one pump and smooth onto your face and neck. 

Bromance Day Gel – this oil-free daily moisturiser is the best choice for oily and congested skin types to address razor bumps, redness and irritation. Containing Mattifying + Anti-Redness Complex and Zinc PCA, it works to soothe the skin, minimise prickly stubble and soften beard regrowth following a post-shave application. The formula is water-based, using Hyaluronic Acid and a double blend of Vitamin B to reinforce the skin barrier and provide hydration, while Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection to guard against environmental pollution and free radical damage. It is an ideal all-rounder for oily skin types to keep the skin looking and feeling its best. 

Best for: Normal to oily and congested skin types. 

How to apply: After showering or cleansing and shaving, dispense one pump and smooth onto your face and neck

Remember that Bromance Day Cream and Bromance Day Gel are best used in conjunction with effective shaving techniques. If your razor bumps persist or seem particularly bad even when following best shaving practices and applying soothing skincare, consult your GP or a dermatologist.